About RPGplayer


What is this website?
That's a good question...

RPGplayer is the result of my combined interest in both retrogaming and computer RPGs. I wanted to (re)create a space where fellow old-school gamers could gather around and where they could talk about their favourite genre, with a distinct late 90's - early 00's vibe.

I will use this space to post thoughts, impressions, articles and reviews on cRPGS, both past and present, with the occasional dive into computer technology (again, both past and present!) and maybe even different game genres that I hold dear to my heart.

Last but definitely not least, RPGplayer also has a functional, old-school bulletin board; I encourage you to create an account and engage with what I hope will become a small but close-knit community that longs for a slower and more relaxed kind of interaction, devoid of the "socialmedialization" that conquered the majority of modern-day Internet.

I think this is all for now, folks. Make sure you gather your party before venturing forth... I'll see you around!


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